Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn TWILIGHT Obsession!!

Yes, I am one of those Twilight fans..... My friends and I are a little obsessed with the Twilight Saga movie and books. If you are too, you will probably like this post :)
 We have a monthly Bunko Group and anytime a Twilight movie comes up, we plan Bunko around it. Well, it was my turn this time around and I decided to go all out for it. I made these cute "Feathered" Rosettes to go with our T-shirts for the movie premier. I call them the "Why am I covered in Feathers" Bella Honeymoon Package. You can find them here. 
I also had the inside of the house and the front entrance decorated in traditional Twilight Red, Black and White.
 Do you notice the eggs in the vase? True twilight fans will get this! :)
 Also a large wedding invitation posted out side as the guests arrived. 
 The food was served in the backyard as a Tropical theme for Bella and Edward's Honeymoon to Isle Esme in Rio De Janero. 
 We dined on Tropical Salad, rice, shrimp and chicken kabobs, coconut rolls, pineapple, mango salsa, coconut cupcakes and more. 
 The water was even imported from Isle Esme! :)
 For appetizers we had Deviled Eggs in honor of Bella. Again, real fans will get this.

 And what Breaking Dawn party would be complete without a bed covered in feathers!"!
 We ate, played a fun round of Bunko, announced the winners (who got awesome prizes I might add! A gift card to my shop, the winners got the Renesme Locket, a Twilight Necklace and Twilight movies) and then we headed off to the theater. 
 My friend Trena and I had so much fun enjoying the movie together. 
Heres our whole group. The movie was awesome!! I was mad at first for it to end, but now I'm actually glad that there is a Breaking Dawn Part 2 and I don't have to be in charge! :) Such a fun night Ladies! xoxo

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