Friday, July 1, 2011

The Wedding!!

I can't believe that my baby sister is married!! I am so absolutley thrilled for her! She asked me to make her a headpiece for her wedding and I was so excited for the opportunity to create something special for her. Introducing the Haute Couture Luxe Pleated Bridal Headband
Isn't she gorgeous!?! She wanted a vintage feel and her colors went perfectly with the headband in Blush, Taupe and Cream. 
We also collaborated on this headband as well. Introducing the Bridal Bloom Luxe Couture Headband. Holly had a vision of what she wanted for her Bridals and also wanted a couple different looks. I love the variety her pictures have now for that reason. Hair up, hair down, 2 headpieces, and a few with out made her pictures so fun to see all the different looks!
Then the wedding arrived! Omigoodness! It was the best day and busy and crazy and wonderful all at the same time! We are so happy for Holly and her new Husband Bryce!

My new brother-in-law is crazy athletic and a gymnast so they had a bit of fun for some "Groomal" shots. He is quite the source of entertainment at our family gatherings. 

They were married in the beautiful St. George Temple at the end of May.
Glad I could share a little peak into our lives for the big event! It was one of the most amazing days and weddings! Picture Credits to the Amazing Brittany of FRAMED PHOTOGRAPHY and Rachel with STEELE THE MOMENT photography. 

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